"paddling towards a healthier life"


A few patient cases...



Nelly started her rehabilitation program back in May 2017 following a corrective osteotomy on the left radius and ulna due to a limb deformity. She had already lost a lot of muscle and was very reluctant to bear weight on this limb both in and out of the pool. After nine sessions Nelly is loading on her left forelimb much better and has built up muscle mass with a gradual increase in the amount of aerobic swimming she has been doing. Going forward Nelly is going to be attending monthly maintenance sessions to prevent deterioration of the positive results she has seen.



Barney was referred to us back in July 2017 due to left patella luxation and left hind atrophy. When Barney had his initial assessment he was offloading his left hind limb with deferred stiffness in his right hind and overloading his right forelimb to compensate. Barney’s treatment included pod work to enhance his hind limb proprioception and even loading so he would build even muscle tone and reduce deferred stiffness. Barney also particularly enjoyed the aerobic swimming aspect of his treatment which not only built his muscle mass back up to stabilise the patella but also improved his range of motion. Barney is doing really well and is now attending monthly maintenance sessions to keep on top of the results he has achieved.



Dexy came to us when she was 5 months old and was facing the prospect of surgery due to bilateral hip dysplasia. At home she would hardly walk due to discomfort and spent her time sat playing with toys within her reach. Dexy’s owners started her on a course of hydrotherapy with some scepticism as to how much benefit it would have but were dedicated to bringing her for twice weekly sessions. Now 3 months on Dexy in her current condition no longer requires surgery, has been able to half her pain medication and leads an active puppy life. Going forward Dexy will need hydrotherapy for the long term but over time the duration between sessions will gradually be reduced. Dexy is not only a testament to how amazing hydrotherapy can be but also her owners who are committed to ensuring she has the best possible quality of life.



Bobby has now been signed off from his hydrotherapy treatment which he was having due to losing use of both hind limbs following a spinal injury after getting trapped in a crate door. When Bobby attended his first session he had regained use of his right hind but he still dragged his left which also had severe atrophy. Bobby’s sessions were heavily focused on proprioceptive enrichment with minimal swimming due to his very young age of only 4 months. With several twice weekly sessions Bobby was back on both his hind limbs and beginning to see the muscle return. This case in particular demonstrates the importance of the pod work and shows that hydrotherapy is so much more than swimming.